How to properly choose the right timber for your home

Timber always adds value to your home as it complements the interior. It is not only low-maintenance and non-allergic but also offers natural insulation. It is easy to clean and sound proof. However, timber is not recommended for the kitchen, bathrooms, and humid climates. Also, if timber is chosen correctly, it can add to the beauty of the outdoor spaces as well.

For outdoor, two types of timber is mostly used, natural hardwoods or softwoods. Treated softwoods are cost effective and most popular as it is perfect for constructing outdoor furniture. Softwoods must be treated to resist decay through the sunlight, water and insects.

Hardwoods such as Jarrah, Mahogany, Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, Merbau and Red Balau etc. are generally more expensive than softwoods. However, they are strong and durable and appear more natural while bringing a natural feel to the outdoors. Hardwoods are ideal for outdoor furniture like the boardwalks, steps, fence posts, garden beds etc. Any enhanced treatment on such timber increases the resistance to stains, oil, and paints.

When considering timber for flooring, it is important to factor that it comes in different styles and colors to suit individual needs. Two most popular flooring styles are solid strip flooring and parquetry flooring. The latter provides the ability to create patterns and designs on the Australian hardwood floors. It is ideal for apartments as it offers speedy installation. Grade timber is another great option for flooring as it offers a smooth and stylish finishing.

While finalizing on the type of timber, attributes as below should be considered including the fact that the two biggest enemies of timber are, sunlight and water. Flooring, outdoors etc. cannot be replaced within a span of 2-3 years, hence it is important to choose the right material before renovating or constructing your house.


Depending on the location, your home is exposed to natural elements like heavy rain, UV rays etc.


Naturally colored timber is recommended the most as it compliments and accentuates your home. In case the appropriate shade is not found then the wood can be stained to match your style. It is popularly believed that timber is timeless and its natural colors can evoke emotional responses.


Recycled timber is used, if budget is a constraint. Online searches can help locate timber supplies that sell recycled timber. This method is also environmental friendly.


Basic lifestyle of people also influences their choices of timber. In case there are kids at home, then one can expect lots of spilling and scratching etc., hence causing all kinds of damage on the floor and thus influencing the selection.

Considering all above factors, people should select the material for their homes. Timber should additionally, be cut and modified properly to fit the floor size and reduce wastage.

In order to maintain a long life of timber used for flooring, it is advised that mats and rugs are used and thereby prevent scratches on the floor. Chemical agents are not be used for cleansing as it damages the timber floor.

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